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Monday, December 16, 2013

Dayz Stand Alone is released on Steam Early Access plus Eidolon, Project Redfield added to survival games list.

The Day is here!  Dayz the game is now made available! The game is still technically in beta so do not expect perfection but it is already the top selling game on Steams List.  Check it out below, rest assured I will be diving into this very soon.  I've updated the forums link as well. 

Steam Store Page

A couple of new survival games have recently came to my attention as well.  I've added Eidolon to the games list, the information can now be found below or on the survival games page.  This is apparently a survival game based on  post-human Western Washington. The art style looks good and appears to offer a unique mix of graphics. Created by the company Ice Water Games.   

Homepage:  http://www.icewatergames.com/ 
Forums:  http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=36910.15  (apparently not their own forums but  thread linked from their official site.)

Small write up about the game can be found at Rock,Papper,Shotgun


Project RedField is another survival game (MMO) recently brought to my attention.  The information for the game can be found below.

Project RedField
Homepage: http://projectredfield.com/
Forums: http://projectredfield.com/forums/index.php

Thanks everyone for your support! Keep surviving out there!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Survival Games List small update! Starbound, Nether, and Rust now playable Steam Early Access. 7 Days to Die also comes to Steam Early Access.

I did a quick update to the survival games list today and added playable tags to the following games, which are all now accessible on Steam's Early Access program.




7 Days to Die which has been playable for some time now also comes to Steam Early Access.

7 Days to Die

Monday, November 25, 2013

Project Zomboid Monday Status Update, 7 Days to Die Alpha 4 is ready.

Hello and well met!  Had a few minutes to spare and thought I would post a quick spot about two of my recent favorite games giving out even more updates.

Project Zomboid Monday status update is out and let's us know what is going on.  Seems like some good map working is in development and Items and loot are getting bug fixed and improved.  Check it out below.


7 Days to Die is also releasing updates faster and faster recently. Their Alpha 4 update is already ready to go and I just posted about Alpha 3 not long ago.  This update adds some cool melee weapons and new recipes for the crafting system and also a good mix of bug fixes as well.   Check out the patch notes below or read my copy and paste.


-copy and paste-

 7 Days to Die

Official Alpha 4 Release Notes

  • Added scrap metal recipes from candy tins, air filters, and hub caps
  • Added new feature for preview position and rotation for placing blocks. Before placing a block a semi-transparent preview of the block is displayed and player can rotate it using LMB
  • Added Femur bone club\crafting item
  • Added Hunting Knife
  • Added Bone Shiv
  • Added recipe for bone shiv
  • Added recipe for hunting knife
  • Added femur to zombie & deer loot
  • Added hunting knife to loot
  • Added new block rotate sound set
  • The“empty glass” can now also be filled with water at toilets
  • Reduced polygon density on the barbed wire fence trap, candy tin landmine, hub cap landmine and air filter landmine for better performance and to keep people from reaching max vertices in a chunk
  • When pressing the ALT key in 3rd person the camera can be moved freely around the player. Old state was: when shooting it was shot through the screen middle. New state: the crosshair is removed and shooting is done along the players view
  • When the Z menu is opened, the full text search is auto selected and the old entered text is cleared
  • Increased time that zombies play their roam sounds
  • Increased block damage on explosions to allow better TNT chain reactions
  • The turn speed of entities (like zombies or stag) is now dependent on their speed: the faster they move the faster they turn
  • Increased colliders for inventory slots so that horizontally there is no space any more. Vertically there is still a small gap in the bag
  • Spikes can now be placed only on a solid cube. So stacking of spikes isn’t possible
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem that chunk could not be saved when building a column > 190 blocks
  • Configure Controls: fixed bug that “left shift” and “right shift” were not selectable
  • Fixed problem that when placing a bedroll/bed the other block was removed without a check. This could be abused for fast mining. Also set the orientation of a bed correctly
  • Fixed problem that when running a server for a long time and the entity ids get greater than 16 bit, no player was able to connect to the server any more
  • Added delay to food items so they don’t disappear until used
Known Issues
  • Animals get knocked back quite far when hit
  • When you light a pipebomb and don’t throw it, it will explode but the pipebomb is not “deleted”/removed from your inventory. If you die, all of them are dropped, including the one that exploded.
  • Stability on Bridges are still a little weak in the middle
  • Players can sometimes get stuck in small vertical spaces less than 2 blocks high like on top of a cinder block or trash pile
  • Sometimes there are missing polygons in the world

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

7 Days to Die Alpha 3 Update, Project Zomboid Update, Minecraft 1.7.2

Hello fellow survivors! If you are following Watchsurvival on Facebook  (https://www.facebook.com/Watchsurvival )  you have probably seen this information. I wanted to let everyone know about a couple of recent fun updates.  First on the List 7 Days to Die has just released a new update after only 10 days or releasing the last update.   This game is coming along nicely.  Read about all the additions and changes below.


Project Zomboid has recently released their newest Monday blog which talks to us about their most recent updates and all the new wonderful things in store for zomboid, which keeps getting better and better. 


Probably already old news to quite a few of you but Minecraft also released a new update that was quite awesome 1.7.2 The Update that Changed the World.  I'm making a note of this update because it has been a long time since I've picked up Minecraft and played it and I found this update worth checking the game out again. Others that have not played in a while might find this one worthy of your time.  The new biomes are a great addition to the game in my personal opinion and really help freshen up the seeds  and make the world more fun to explore again.


Keep surviving out there!

Monday, November 4, 2013

7 Days to Die Alpha Update 2 is on the way.

Hello everyone! Just making a quick post to inform everyone about the recent 7 Days to Die update that is rolling out soon.  This game just got a ton of new features and a lot more difficult.  I can't wait to try this out. From the previews cropping up it looks pretty deadly.  Check it out below.

Youtube Preview from Rhinocrunch


Forum Posts



Monday, October 14, 2013

Watchsurvival Message Board / Forums is up!

Hello survivors! I'm posting to let everyone know the Watchsurvival Message board has now started up.  You can reach it at the link up top now or by clicking here  http://watchsurvival.proboards.com/

Keep in mind it is currently very basic and will obviously need more work but I figure it is a great start. My time was short so I'm not finished with it just yet.   Looking forward to hearing everyone's survival gaming discussions.  Please sign up and start up some chatter!  I've also already added a post for everyone to post their suggestions for the Survival Games List.   Thanks everyone and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't Starve Update Trailer Six Feet Under

Don't Starve has released their newest update trailer for us labeled Six Feet Under!  Check out the trailer below and visit the forum link for more information.



Monday, September 23, 2013

Long Winded Watchsurvival updates! New Games! News and My thanks!

Good day survivors!  I had some time off tonight so I thought I would go through some updates with all these recent comments.   The website is really picking up and I think that is great.  It is very awesome to see so many contributing to Watchsurvival.

The Watchsurvival facebook page is starting to pick up as well and is getting followers and likes. https://www.facebook.com/Watchsurvival   That doesn't seem like much to a lot of you I am sure, but to me I think that is really great.

 I also want to note I do not "advertise" Watchsurvival,  I do not buy "likes"  Every like on facebook and every comment on this website are all from the real deal survival gamers.  You found this website on Google or from my posting on survival game forums or from friends.   I think it is silly to try to force people into likes or gaining followers.  I will not "buy" likes.  I don't want random people who have no clue "Liking"  Watchsurvival on facebook or joining in on Watchsurvival.  I want the real gamers and real survival game fans to enjoy this.  This community is growing and it's all because of you real survival gamers supporting the cause.  For that I give you all a very big Thank You. 

Which also brings me to another problem and that is spammers.  If you visit the site often you will probably see these comments from time to time.  I'm on edge about it because on one hand I get so many awesome comments from a lot of you under anonymous and get good new game info from all of you Anon's as well.   This is the part I enjoy.  People can post quickly and not take up much of their time worrying about memberships and logging in ect.   The problem with this is that it makes it very easy for Spammers and spam bots to also post on this website.  For the time being I am keeping anon on because of all you awesome anon's that post. I am posting a warning here though. If the spamming gets too out of hand or too out of control I will be forced to take action and disable anonymous posting.  I just wanted to give all you friendly anon's a heads up.  Keeping anon posting for now but may have to disable in the future.

Which brings me to another point.  It's obvious a lot of you enjoy your time here and a lot of you enjoy good survival game discussion with other fellow survival game fans.   Because of this I am considering opening up a Message Board/ Forum for Watchsurvival!  This will probably be happening sometime soon in the future.  

Anyways on to the reason your here! The games!  New games added to the survival game list are:

Sir, You are being hunted
Wrecked (mini game)
Xsyon  (MMO)
No Return
Nether (MMO)
The Stomping Land

All Comments I have addressed are below for your viewing pleasure.

"Darkwoods has a forum btw http://forums.acidwizardstudio.com/"

Nice Catch! I've updated the survival games page with their forum link.

"A survival game called 'Sir, You are being hunted' has recently came onto public alpha on Steam and other stores. "

Added this game and their forums to the Survival games list.  Thanks for finding it.  

"Here's one to add to the list, it's called "Wrecked"

Done. I've added it to the outdated section as I'm honestly not sure what category to post this one under, perhaps I will make a "Mini Survival" games section in the future. 

"survivor fps
drath's list Wilderness Survival Games"

Survivor fps is already added to the list thanks. Good Eye on Xsyon I've added it to the list under the MMO section.    As for the Wilderness Survival games list, I have noticed a lot of those are already on Watchsurvival. I will review the others soon that are not on Watchsurvival and add them accordingly.  

 'NO RETURN' -- 3D Open World Wilderness Survival & Hunting Game"

Added to the list. Thanks for the find.  I've included the indiedb page as their forum page.


Done. Added to the List under MMO Will update forums once they add it in.

"This game looks promsing and you might wanna add it to your list :) (Cool site btw, just needs better categories I think! eg. Zombies! haha)  Zombox
Cool as :)"

Nice find! I've added Zombox to the survival games list.

 "Hey just found your website and i was looking through the list and i didnt see a survival game i have been following, the name is "The Forsest". And Now that i think of it, Not sure if you have it or not, but Also "The Stomping Land".

The Forest is already listed on watchsurvival thank you!  As for The Stomping Land I've add it to the list under the MMO section!  Thanks for that, good find!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

State of Decay Steam PC version is out! Early Access!

Hello survival fans! Just writing a note to let everyone know the PC steam release of State of Decay is out!  Please remember this is the early access version which means there is still updating to do and bugs to fix ect. As of this post the game seems to only work with an xbox controller as PC controls are probably being worked on.  Finally get to play this wonderful game.  I've been waiting for the PC release for a while now.   Read all the information below at the link.


The Steam Early Access Page below


Saturday, September 14, 2013

7 Days to Die 1.1 Update

Well met! 7 Days to Die has released a new small update for us.  This one includes a lot of bug fixes and few recipes and mac support! Also includes more server options for multiplayer.  Read all of the patch notes below. 


Alpha 1.1 Official Release Notes
  • Mac version support
  • New recipes for brick, decayed brick, pavers red wood
  • Fixed console pop up on errors bug
  • Improved Memory management
  • Duplicate item exploit fixed
  • Fixed damage delay on spike traps for the player
  • Fixed bug that when placing chest it was filled with loot
  • Fixed bug that zombies dance on stairs
  • Fixed bug that fat zombie broke the stairs
  • Server checks client on connection if this client is activated
  • Max player limit is now 6 in GUI mode
  • Password is encrypted now in registry and on web access
  • Fixed bug when close shots went through zombies
  • Fixed bug that doors had wrong orientation on placing them
  • Fixed problem that if during reloading clip was removed gun was full though by removing clip on start of reload
  • Fixed exploit that two people could pick up an item at the same time
  • Important – New dedicated server command line syntax change you use -OPTION=VALUE, like -port=8 (old was -port 8)
New Dedicated Server command line options
  • gamemode=0|1 (0 = coop, 1= pvp). In pvp you dont see the other player on the map
  • maxplayers=X (any number <= 64 is valid). In GUI mode max players is always 8
  • difficulty=X (X between 1 and 10, limits the wave spawning to day X)
  • world=X (name of the world to load, currently only Navezgane)
  • name=X (name of the game)
  • dedicated (must be last option to start the dedi server)
  • ip=X (ip the dedicated shall listen on, this is only for the extra socket connections. Unity listening cannot be limited)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dayz Stand alone Developer's Blog Update from Rocket September 2013

Hello and well met! I thought I would make a quick post to show off some new Dayz Standalone information.  Rocket has released a developer blog recently that explains what is going on and what they are up to and some of the new features.  Check it out below.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project Zomboid Updates

Hello! I've not talked about Project Zomboid in a while so I thought I would take some time and post about the newest updates going on.   The developers have been hard at work smoothing out the game and making things more fluid and easy to use while adding in new content.  The most recent update was about now getting the game on your steam account through desura! Official Steam release is not ready yet but will probably be ready to go very soon.   However for current Zomboid players you can now use desura to transfer to a steam key for the game.  There is also a short video on the new zoom features going into the game.  The update is below.


Also in case some of you missed it.  I'm placing last weeks update on here cause it is pretty cool and includes some good news like more map updates coming soon.


Keep surviving out there!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Watchsurvival Updated with Playable Tags!

Hello survival fans!  I've updated the survival games list with part 1 of the new tagging system I'm working on.  The survival games list will now inform you if the game is playable or not without having to figure that part out yourself.   I've also moved all games marked as playable to the top of their categories.  Hopefully this helps you game more and research less.   Have a good day everyone!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

7 Days to Die Information Roundup.

So a lot of you have brought 7 Days to Die to my attention through comments and emails and after doing some research I must admit it has impressed me and seems to be a wonderful game.  I thought it would be great to share a lot of the information with others as well as those of you who have never heard of the game may want to keep your eye on this one.

 They (The Fun Pimps, http://thefunpimps.com/) were recently successfully funded on Kickstarter (over 500k) and have already made a huge amount of progress on their game. This game impresses me because it combines a lot of my favorite elements from different survival games into one game and appears to do so very smoothly.  According to their website the purchase page is currently down as they are changing servers but will be back up tomorrow, so those of us that didn't have the chance to support the Kickstarter can still buy the game and get access to the alpha version build as they continue updating it (like Minecraft, Project Zomboid, Don't Starve, ect).

Anyways on to the information, Starting with the basics.

Homepage  http://7daystodie.com/
Forums http://7daystodie.com/forum/

Kickstarter page (Already funded)

Steam Greenlight

Youtube Videos / Let's Plays / Trailers

Official Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh2D15oy_sQ
Kickstarter Trailer  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVFc0esJiSQ

Let's Plays


DevilDogGamer First Look Video



Dead at the Gate

Following those will also take you to a few more videos if you're wanting more.  All of this should mostly get you up to speed and updated though.   Looking forward to this!  Keep surviving out there!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Dead Linger is coming to steam soon.

The Dead Linger recently made a blog post about getting into the Steam Greenlight program.  This is good news as I enjoy having as many of my games as possible on steam.  As I can see people that already own the game will be getting a key to add it to steam so all is well with the world. Read all the info on their blog post listed below.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Watchsurvival Updates! Games Added: Survivor FPS, The War Z Name Change, Starbound, Rust, Stranded 3,

Hey everyone!  Decided today was the day I had some time to do some updating.  I've updated according to most comments and suggestions and a few of my own additions as well.  Going to use this post as well to round up everyone's comments and add my own.

Q: "Awesome blog! I've been following it for a few weeks now, great stuff! Have you heard of the game called Survivor FPS?"

A:  I have now!  Thanks for letting me know I have updated the games list.  

Q: "Hello friend! Here is a few games I thought you should add
Left 4 dead
Left 4 dead 2
Dead Island Riptide"

A: Sorry but I do not feel those games meet Watchsurvival's requirements. Please read the requirements on the survival games list page

Q: "The War Z changed there name to "Infestation:Survivor Stories" So you should change that."

A:  Done.  I've updated the websites for that section.  

Q: " Check out this game: Rust"

A:  Cool find!  Added to the games list.   

Q: " Zargo, The Survivor Zero link is to an unused domain now! Not sure what is happening with it! 

A: Strange Indeed! I'm not sure what went on there but I did find a new website location to follow development and updated Survivor Zero to go to that link instead for the time being.  Thanks for the heads up. 

Q: Stranded 3 is now in development

A:  Nice eye!  I"ve added Stranded 3 development blog to the games list for now. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Watchsurvival news and The Old World developers still going strong!

=Re-posted from Watchsurvival Facebook page. =  https://www.facebook.com/Watchsurvival

So the developers of "The Old World" recently contacted me and told me that Watchsurvival has recently been giving them the majority of hits to their website. They have also told me that although indiedb has not been updated recently they are indeed still going strong and are working hard on an update!

 Also apologizing here for not updating Watchsurvival recently I promise I am reading all your comments. Don't worry I'm not dead. Real life (job) been keeping me busy and I actually stop to play games and enjoy them instead of pretending I play games to make money. Have a great day everyone! Keep surviving out there!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Zomboid: So close we can feel it Monday Status Update 7/1/2013

Hello again!  I've not updated about Project Zomboid in a little while so I thought I would post up the Project Zomboid Monday Update today.   Check it out below. 


--copy and paste--

Hello Zomboiders,
Since Rezzed, we’ve been tirelessly trying to get the latest build up to Desura release quality. Regulars to our forum will be aware we’ve started doing a short run of test builds (with the file strategically uploaded to the servers for short periods to minimize on the crazy bandwidth bills we had the last time, and mirrors created soon after)
It’s so close it aches, and after a long long day of trying to finally nail the reoccurring and endlessly frustrating ‘teleporting crops’ bug and finally think we might have got it. Then just as we start finally writing the Mondoid, we find out that the recently repaired carpentry stairs may still have a few issues. Such is game dev, I guess. Then it turned out the farming was still an issue. Some days it all slots into place, and others bugs repeatedly beat you across the head a bit and don’t go down without a fight. :)
Anyway, since these are both vital things people have been waiting for since the last stable version, we’d rather wait until we got it in there. And as it’s 8:30pm it looks like we’re running out of time for today. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop work, and are looking to fix these two issues as we speak. And as soon as we nail these two issues, we’ll post the next version on the forums. We’ll likely be working for a good few hours yet, but didn’t want to delay the Mondoid any more and keep people in the dark. That’s not to say it’ll be tonight, it all depends on if we nail these pesky things.
To anyone who the news of forum test versions is news, please be VERY careful to read the warning at the top of the forum post. It’s VITAL to back up your saved worlds, since the 8b -> 9 conversion process is one way, and there are some rare issues that stop saves from converting properly. If this happens to you and you don’t back up your world, then it’s gone. Forever. If you back up, you can copy your backups back in and load up on the Desura build until we get these sorted.
If you’re not comfortable with copying files, then be very careful not to attempt to load any world from the previous version if testing. We can’t be held responsible for any loss of your game data.
If you do have issues, and could post a zip of your original save (the original backups, not the converted ones) on the forum so we can bugfix, it will allow us to iron out any remaining conversion issues to make sure everyone who has a world on build 8 will be able to carry it onto build 9 without problems.
So with all that in mind, please look at the following thread for the latest versions:
Full version 3 build: http://www.theindiestone.com/community/viewtopic.php?p=206404#p206404
Hotfix for build 4: http://www.theindiestone.com/community/viewtopic.php?p=206522#p206522
So to sum up, remaining issues stopping a Desura build are:
- Farm plots teleporting around the map due to unknown streaming / saving issue.
- Carpentry stairs sometimes resulting in character floating through air.
- A few bugs with the world conversion system.
We’ll release a new forum build when bugs A and B are resolved. And a Desura one soon after once the last one is.
Then, hopefully, NPC dev will begin again in earnest and will have near full-time dev time from half the coding team until it’s in the game. That all said, we’ve been working on it in bits and pieces while waiting for tester feedback and such, and progress is good. Hopefully we can start to make some big headway as soon as the next Desura build hits.
Thanks again!
Indie Stone

Don't Starve Update Trailer: Strange New Powers

Hello everyone! Don't Starve has released a new trailer for their upcoming update Strange New Powers.  Check it out below.  Also be sure to check out the forums so you can find out the hidden information Klei Entertainment likes hiding in their Don't Starve Trailers.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well it's E3 time again. Dayz standalone info is already coming down the pipeline.

Haven't had a Dayz post in a while so I figured it appropriate to let everyone see some of the information that is coming from Dayz standalone.  E3 seems to be pretty awesome this year.  The new consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One are causing quite a stir though honestly I'm a PC gamer so I'm kinda just sitting back with popcorn enjoying the war. I've not posted about E3 info yet but I'll make a much larger post later after E3 is over and all the good info has been collected. Anyways Check out the Dayz standalone stuff below.

Dayz Standalone New features list. Found at DayzTV

Dayz standalone new features

  • 90% of buldings are enterable
  • The amount of locations for loot to spawn will be very high, but the spawn-rate will be incredibly low.
  • “Commit Suicide” will be possible. Right click on a weapon in the inventory, then “commit suicide”, “are you sure?”
  • The humanity system is not in the Alpha
  • F7… F8 to F12 is reserved for Facial Gestures
  • There will be no “Random events” (Downed helicopters, Abandoned campsites)
  • More immersion : No UI
  • Messages at the bottom left corner : “You are recieve,” “Your foot is sore,” “You’re bleeding” + Sounds
  • Over hundred new items
  • Zombies spawn at the server Start. Cleaning a town will be possible
  • Random hordes confirmed
  • Targeting thounsands new weapons at the Standalone complete release
  • Bullet penetration & kevlar vests, kevlar helmets
  • North of Chernarus is now more attractive
  • Central servers will manage loot spawn rate & general economy (to prevent loot farming)
  • Server “Lock-out” to prevent server hoppers
  • Melee weapon is way better now
  • Vehicles disabled in the early alpha release
  • You can shoot & break people weapons
  • High-scope, military weapons will be in there, but they’ll be very rare spawns
  • Global loot spawns, so there’ll only be a certain amount of them in the whole world
  • Weight system *maybe*
  • Crafting system is really deep. It’s one of the key new feature
  • You could add poison to a canteen bottle, and then give someone the canteen bottle
  • If someone shoots you and you’re wearing a shirt, then that shirt is going to get damaged
  • The more you run around, the more damaged the shoes get, and you’ll need to find new shoes
  • User-created maps (Sahrani, Namalsk, Taviana) can be ported to the Standalone

Monday, June 10, 2013

Don't Starve: It's Not a Rock! Update preview!

Hello survival fans! Just writing a quick post before I slumber.  Don't starve has released a new preview for their upcoming update It's Not a Rock!  This game just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Such a great value at a low price.  Check out the preview below. Looks pretty rough!

Forum Link for discussing.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Watchsurvival update (second update today) Three more games added. Rebirth, Marooned: Arkanus Island, Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches.

Hello again! Found a few more games I forgot to add (oops). I also wanted to note I have disabled comments for the Survival Games list page as it was up to over 50 comments and was making the page really large and was extra loading the games list didn't need.  DON'T PANIC. You can still suggest games and leave comments on the "Contact Watchsurvival" tab of the website. From now on leave all game suggestions there.  Thanks.

Homepage: http://deadmanwalkingstudios.com/
Forums: http://deadmanwalkingstudios.com/SMForums/index.php

Marooned: Arkanus Island
Homepage: http://www.indiedb.com/games/marooned
Forums: ?

Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches
Homepage: http://brightspritegames.com/wayfarer-the-outer-reaches.html
Forums:  http://brightspritegames.forumotion.co.uk/

Survival Games List updated! Six more survival games added: Timber and Stone, Wurm Online, 7 Days to Die, Miscreated, Zday, Survivor Zero

Hello survivors! Took a little time off today to update the survival games list with some fresh games.  I just want to again remind everyone that I read all your comments and your suggestions and I try to get to them when I can, please do not think your comments or suggestions go unnoticed.  2013 is the year of survival games as the survival games list just keeps getting bigger and bigger!  Keep the suggestions coming!  Also I am looking for more feedback for the website. If any of you have website suggestions on layout or features or anything else for that matter please leave suggestions or comments. If you think everything is fine as it is, feel free to say that as well.  I feel like as a whole the survival genre needs a community so I may possibly be adding a forum in the future to watchsurvival if others agree and think that is a good idea.   Don't forget to give Watchsurvival a like on facebook as well https://www.facebook.com/Watchsurvival as I share all types of survival game related stuff there as well (no spam I promise) anyways, on to the reason you came here. The Games! 

Timber and Stone (Roguelike)
Homepage: http://www.timberandstonegame.com/
Forums: http://www.timberandstonegame.com/forum/

Wurm Online (MMO)
Homepage: http://www.wurmonline.com/
Forums: http://forum.wurmonline.com/

7 days to die
Homepage: http://7daystodie.com/
Forums: http://7daystodie.com/forum/

Miscreated (MMO)
Homepage: http://miscreatedgame.com/
Forums: http://miscreatedgame.com/forums/forum.php

Zday (MMO)
Homepage: http://zdaygame.com/
Forums: http://zdaygame.com/forums/

Survivor Zero
Homepage: http://survivorzero.com/
Forums: http://survivorzero.com/forum/

Friday, May 31, 2013

State of Decay release date confirmed by IGN June 5th

Hello survival fans. Been a little while since my last update.  Sorry about that.  I wanted to make a quick post here and let everyone know IGN has released a new State of Decay Video confirming that the release date for State of Decay is June 5th! I can't wait to play it.  Check out the video below.

Also don't forget to give a like to Watchsurvival on Facebook so you can stay up to date on what is going on.   https://www.facebook.com/Watchsurvival

Monday, May 20, 2013

Project Zomboid Mondoid: The Joys of 008 5/20/2013

The latest Project Zomboid Monday update is here. This one includes a look at memory performance increases to ensure more proper compatibility Also get to see information about a certain feature coming soon that is really cool.  Check it out below.


---cut and paste---

Hey survivors!
We’re just putting the 008 build through some vigorous last minute testing, and expect it to be at some point today. It’s a biggie, for more reasons than you’ll realise. We’re hoping, a few minor bug fix updates aside, this will be the one that ultimately ends up going onto Desura proper. A few points about what to expect from it.

Memory Usage
We’ve made some massive, massive improvements to this. On 32bit systems with on-board graphics cards, where before we were seeing memory bloat to 2 gig and crash the game, you can now expect to use a maximum of about 800 meg. This will make it a close call for 1 gig systems (though we’ve had success at the game running then even so) but we still have ideas to bring this down further, and will be able to update the version quite quickly with more compacted character sprites and further memory optimizations. Computers with graphic cards with dedicated memory can expect to see the game running in 4-600 meg maximum, depending on what’s going on.
We think we can get the game to run in about 600 meg even in the worse case scenario machines, possibly further, which will hopefully leave no one out in the cold with 008.

Other annoyances
Things like the alarms resetting on load have been sorted out at last. No more loading your game and drawing the attention of every zombie in Muldraugh to your safehouse. There are numerous other vital fixes that we hope will please people. You can read about those here.

But that’s not all. We’ve had something in the pipe for a long long long long long time which we were dying to get into the first test build, but sadly slipped for more pressing matters. It’s been rather agonizing not to be able to share, but it’s finally going in. So here’s a ‘Lemmy and Binky explain badly’ video about it, which features a special guest star!
It occurs to us post-recording that weapons have been significantly rebalanced with the help of the test group since 007 to make horde killing more difficult, and axes in particular have taken a nerf, so it makes us feel a little better about our AWFULNESS at playing.


Q: Wait, so I can play online?
No. This is only split-screen, local support at the moment.
Q: Is this an XBox version?
No. It’s PC/Mac/Linux. We’re just using the XBox button prompts.
Q: So why were you working on this when you could have been…
As we stated in the video, this has been an ongoing thing for many months, and all in all has had much less time spent on it than anyone could possibly imagine. The main body of work was getting rid of all the single player specific code, and that all happened as streaming was being implemented. This is the first stepping stone to online, but we’re still a way off.
We’ve literally spent about 4-5 hours on this in the past 2 weeks, and that time was spent largely sorting out button prompts, scaling the UI, and allowing multiple online inventories to be possible. We’ve been sitting on this for a long time and there have been frequent inter-team pleadings to show it off over the past month or two. If it annoys you that we’ve spent any time on this during the past few weeks, even 4-5 hours, please consider that we are massive geeks and stuff like this is what we do for fun to relax after a hard day of work.
Also, after 008 the evidence this existed would have been abundantly obvious from the Lua files, and last thing we’d want is for people to discover it was in progress before we could announce it and make a big deal about it. Especially since people would likely assume the Lua clues pointed to online play, and then be disappointed when we did reveal.
Also consider that multiplayer, in some form, is far and away the #1 requested feature, so if you aren’t interested yourself, it is important for a lot of your fellow Zomboiders.
Q: I don’t care about local multiplayer – why didn’t you make it online?
Online is a million times more complicated, dealing with lag and server/client architecture and all the rest of it. This was relatively straightforward to add, and was the quickest way we could provide multiplayer functionality and start getting the game ready for online. Besides, there aren’t enough ‘sat in front of TV’ split-screen games out there, and we’re proud to have it in the game.
Q: Xbox pads? Really?
The game will support any joypad (with dual stick controls) but may require some tinkering in the initial version until we figure out how to support all pads out of the box. It was our (perhaps ill-informed) understanding from our own experiences with joypads that many PC games tend to use Xbox button graphics as a standard, but we’ll look to providing alternates for Logitech / PS3 pads etc. XBox pads are awesome though.
We haven’t forgotten, and they are on their way. Our goal is to get Kate and Baldspot back for Rezzed, and the Sandbox NPCs shouldn’t be too far behind them.
And in case you missed it, we blogged earlier today about appearing at Rezzed in Birmingham this year. So make sure to read that if you’re interested in stopping by.
That’s all for this week, and we’ll do our utmost to get you your 008 goodness today. If not today then very very soon afterward.

--end cut and paste--

Don't Starve Underground Trailer Update!

Don't Starve has release their trailer for the newest update soon to be released Labeled Underground. Check it out below.  Make sure to Note that caves are still being developed and worked on and the trailer can be seen as early footage and is still in development. 


Friday, May 17, 2013

Updates Everywhere! Roam update, Forsaken Fortress Update, Zafehouse Diaries Update 1.1.9, The Dead Linger Hotfix 009a

Woke up this morning to a day of updating apparently as updates are released for a few games.  Check them all out below, placing them all in one post instead of trying to separate them all.  If you have been following Watchsurvival on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Watchsurvival This information has already been shared with you. 

Roam Update  (Networking, Player controls, Character Customization)

Forsaken Fortress Update (Mocap, Animations, localization)
Zafehouse Diaries Update 1.1.9 (interface improvements, performance improvements, map markers/notes)

The Dead Linger Hotfix 009a  (Lots of bug fixes)

There we go!  That should catch everyone up to speed!  Keep surviving everyone!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Dead Linger Build 009 is out and looking good.

The Dead Linger has released their newest update and it looks awesome.  They have added tons of stuff like simple construction and barricading and new sounds and new buildings and gravity and they have added random house colors to help the randomness of towns. This game keeps getting better as they continue working on it through the alpha stage of development.  Check it out below.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Project Zomboid Mondoid Monday status update. 5/13/2013

Project Zomboid new Monday status update is up.   We get info about recent bugs being fixed and about the map's processing which will allow for fast speeds when vehicles are included. Check it out below.


--copy and paste--

13th May – 2013
Hey everyone, sorry for the late and also rather barebones Mondoid this week, but it’s been a busy day at Indie Stone towers and given everyone’s eagerness for this build to get fixed up, we’re sure everyone would prefer we were hard at work than agonizing over the contents of this weeks Mondoid!
We’re still hard at work trying to figure out some strange memory issues on some 32bit systems causing the memory usage of OpenGL to 2gig and crashing the game, which is at this stage largely the cause of all remaining incompatibility issues.
Since build 7 is largely considered, relatively speaking, the most stable and fun build we’ve had in a long time (despite some issues with containers which does cause a lot of people problems) we would rather not put out updates immediately that risk upsetting this until we’ve solved this last remaining issue.
On the plus side, it’s lead to some significant memory optimizations to try and minimize the issue, but at the same time the memory bloat is happening on a subset of systems deep in the openGL dll outside the debugging eyes of the dev team, so it’s been a tricky one.
We’ve not been idle in other areas. A ton of bugs have been fixed, and if sorting this last problem out does end up dragging on much longer, we will put out another release with bug fixes from our frozen code after we’re satisfied it’s stable. We’d rather have this issue sorted first though, but just so you know if it drags on we won’t let it lose us momentum.
So we’re not leaving you totally without anything beyond ‘just trying to get it done’, here is a stress test of the streaming system (an old version of the map) to determine how fast vehicles could feasibly go.


Which hopefully shows how prepared we are to add vehicles into the game when the time comes. Not until after RC3 though, but this gets us excited!
There are some other things we’re dying to share, but want to hold off a little more before we do that until they are ready. Let’s just say that there is a lot to be excited about in the next month or two for us and Zomboid fans alike.
So stay tuned!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Project Zomboid Test build 7 screenshots

Posted a quick 12 screenshots album for Project Zomboids latest public build.  Check it out at the link below. 


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Watchsurvival now on Facebook!

Watchsurvival now has a facebook page!  I just created it today so be sure to stop by and follow and show your support for the survival genre of gaming!  I'll keep the facebook updated with any updates that watchsurvival gets and I'll be sharing information from all sorts of survival games.  Check it out below. 


Watchsurvival Games list updated! Towns / Gnomoria / Stonehearth / The Forest

Hello and well met survival fans.  Just a quick update to let everyone know I've updated the survival games page with a few games.


Towns is a really cool roguelike style survival game I actually already owned for quite some time. I have no idea why it slipped my mind to include it on the list. lol 

Towns (Roguelike)
Homepage: http://www.townsgame.com/
Forums:  http://www.townsgame.com/forums/


Stonehearth looks really awesome and appears to be a 3d type roguelike survival game. Their kickstarter was successfully funded by quite a lot. I've found a couple of videos below.  This game has me really interested.

 Kickstarter page also has another video.   http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1590639245/stonehearth?ref=card

Homepage: http://stonehearth.net/
Forums: http://discourse.stonehearth.net/

Gnomoria is a roguelike survival game that is pretty cool and is heavily influenced by Dwarf Fortress.

Homepage: http://gnomoria.com/
Forums:  http://forums.gnomoria.com/


The Forest

This game looks really cool from the trailer. I thought everyone would want to check it out. Looks to be a great mix of survival/horror.

The Forest is currently located on a Strem Greenlight page.


That's all for now.   I am going to be updating the survival games page soon with flags beside the game names so everyone will be able to see what stage of production the games are in so it is easy to determine if the game is already in a playable state or not.  I've been planning on this feature for a while now and will get to it soon.    Keep surviving out there! 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Don't Starve Live Stream Event. Includes caves update.

Don't Starve announced they are going to be doing a live stream soon with the developers and it is going to include a sneak peak at the news caves feature coming into Don't Starve.  Check it out below.


--copy and paste--
 Live Stream Event - Caves!

Posted May 01, 2013 by Corey

Caves are coming to Don't Starve! If you want an early peek into their dark and dingy depths, We'll be doing a live stream and developer chat on May 10th at 10:00am PST hosted by RiptidePow's Twitch.tv channel.

Event Details

Who: Klei & RiptidePow
What: Early look at the upcoming Caves expansion.
When: May 10th 10:00am PST.
Where: RiptidePow's Twitch.tv Channel
Why: For science!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Exclusive sneak peak of State of Decay. (livestream recording from twitch)

Hello everyone,  Just wanted to make a quick post about State of Decay.  They recently did a livestream on twitchtv in which they was playing the game for about an hour and talking to the fans.  If you missed the livestream you can still check out the video on twitch.  It's got some pretty good stuff included.  I can't wait to play this game!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Project Zomboid Monday! Official release update RC2.9 is open for public play.

That's right! Project Zomboid developers have released the latest test release version to the public! If you own the game you can now download the newest update.   Keep in mind it is still in testing even though it is public release so bugs may still be found and a few things still need work.  Read all about it below.


--copy and paste--

Hello everyone. The moment has finally arrived, and we’re both excited and terrified. ‘RC2.9′ is finally available to test on our forums! Go easy on us!
First off, please read these points before starting to play.
1) This is not an official stable release. This version has some known problems, but as far as we can tell all serious issues risking save games are resolved. However, this does not mean that save bugs are not lurking. Using this build you accept the possibility that it may not be stable.
2) The main focus of this public forum release is to figure out the issues we are having with some Intel graphics chipsets. We’ll also be making sure Mac and Linux builds work, and will upload those shortly (as in today). There may be other compatibility or performance issues, but we’ll resolve them asap and will be our main focus of bug fixing.
3) There may be a few hotfixes required to deal with any immediate issues. Bugs can crop up between any versions, so please be patient if there are any problems as we’ll quickly resolve them and upload a hotfix for any serious problems asap.
4) The game will be released on Desura as soon as the intel bug and any other undiscovered serious issues are resolved.
5) Things missing: Fire, NPCs. Double size. They will be dropped back in as soon as they are sorted. In case of fire and double size, that’ll be very soon. NPCs after Desura version.
6) Known issues, a few weapon sprites are missing, a few minor map issues. Various small issues with UI. All hopefully relatively trivial. We’ll work on anything that crops up. Restarting / reloading the game is often the best way to solve any glitches with for example the inventory stopping working, though hopefully these will be very rare and/or fixed.
Have fun!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Don't Starve Declares Official Release.

Don't Starve! The popular indie survival game has recently declared the game out of beta and onwards to an official release of the game. Don't starve fans don't worry though, the developers for the game have explained there will still be at least another six months of content updates even after the game's official release is live.  Find out more information below.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Project Zomboid Monday Status Update Streams of Blood

Hello everyone and welcome to another Project Zomboid Monday.  We are getting closer to a public release of the new Project Zomboid Update. As such though a little more testing must be done and a few more bugs must be taken care of.  Read all the information in the Monday Status update below.


--copy and paste--

Another week of testing in the can. As anyone who’s followed all the video action this week will know, it feels really close to that inevitable point where we say ‘oh what the hell’ and release. But not today, I’m afraid.
Before we start a link dump of the many hours of RC3 footage, we will discuss all of the current issues in the build, only one of which completely forbid a release. Little of this Mondoid will likely be news for forum regulars, I’m afraid, but this is for everyone else. Hopefully the streams and videos are doing more than a Mondoid ever could, anyway.
Excluding more trivial stuff, we still have a few more serious problems to resolve.
  • Save bug – For some unknown reason, the testers saves are getting corrupted very regularly. They will go to reload a world and their world data will be garbage. This will likely be something massively trivial, one byte of data getting saved but not read, or read but not saved, somewhere buried deep within the Zomboid code. This is the one show-stopper that means we refuse to release, since the danger of people losing hours of game-play (remember that loading and saving happens all the time as you walk around the streamed world) or worse a zombie fortress they have spent 30 lives building.
    While many people may say this doesn’t matter and they would still like a build, for every one of them there is a new customer who gets angry that our game destroyed their save. This is the one and only bug that means we’d completely refuse to release anything.The status of this is ‘ongoing’. It seems to be very common within our testers but whenever testing with a debugger attached, where we may be able to figure out what exactly is to blame (as I say, probably something really simple) it always seems to work perfectly, as if to taunt us. As soon as it’s reproduced, it may take minutes to solve. There is simply no way to remotely estimate it (but no, we’re not talking SIX MONTHS or anything, don’t worry!)
  • The second biggest issue (well, undoubtedly the biggest issue for those affected, but one where a release may actually aid us in solving) is problems running the game on some (not all) low end integrated Intel graphics. This is serious because obviously people with these cards have paid money to buy the game, and we can’t leave them out to dry. As much as it may be frustrating to those, it would be handy to get more data on this problem, so we would consider a forum release before this is fixed to help us trap it. We have made some limited progress, getting testers to the main menu and in some cases into a slightly graphically glitched game, but this one is also ongoing. It should be made clear though that this is a bug, not a performance bar raising issue. We’re doing nothing that shouldn’t be possible on these cards, so there’s no reason to worry about the long-term compatibility of your game if you are affected.
  • A third issue, which in all likelihood is related to the save bug above, is the ‘Langolier effect’, as its become known. Anyone who’s seen streams may have spied this a few times, where either the entire world becomes disjointed like an earthquake fault line, or more often you have areas of psychedelic void. It’s possible this is an independent issue but our suspicions are it will be solved the moment we fix issue #1.
  • More a cosmetic thing, but still seriously damaging to the atmosphere (even if many find it entertaining) is the moonwalking zombies. Seems that when zombies are reused (a memory / garbage collection saving tactic) after being killed off, they cease to be able turn to face the direction they are moving, leading to humorous but massively wrong looking results.
Only the first (and, out of vanity, possibly the last) bugs are stopping us from considering a release, but obviously we could not consider a Desura release until the second is fixed too. Desura members with intel cards may not be too happy to find Desura auto-updating them to oblivion. We should point out if we do do a forum release prior to Desura, damned if we’re falling into the same trap as before. We’ll get the intel stuff sorted, and get on Desura as soon as possible. It’s not fair how long those lovely people have had to wait for an auto-updatable version.
So that’s the situation. We’re so close we can smell it, but there’s that one last hill to climb. We’re overjoyed at how the videos and streams have been recieved, and moreso were even surprised ourselves how much it’s come together since testing began. It also only goes to show we made the right move holding it in testing as we did, as comparing the 24th build with the 1st would be quite eye opening (maybe we can do that for fun post release?)
So when? We know some rumours were circulating that it could have been today. Well sadly there’s no way we could comply with that, as much as we’d loved to have. Next week’s Mondoid? It’s possible. NOTE: It’s possible, not yes. It could be the week after. But yep, we’re really down to talking about these kinds of time-frames now. This is super exciting for us, and the last couple of weeks have been wonderful after a very long year. To see people’s reactions to the new builds has reminded us why we’re doing this and what all the work is for. It’s a happy time.
So now the update is out the way, let’s get onto the video link dump! We would recommend giving all these lovely peoples a subscribe, a follow, or whatever the equivalent is for twitch as they are all wonderfully nice and entertaining to watch. A word of warning though: There is a LOT of footage here, so firstly you’re guaranteed to see a lot of moonwalking zombies, or pieces of the universe mysteriously vanishing. You’ll also see a lot of Zomboid RC3 content laid bare. You may want to save it all as a surprise, or you may want to watch every minute of it. It’s your call.
There are probably other streamers or Youtubers we’ve forgotten, not because they weren’t wonderful but because, erm, there’s been a fair few of them. Apologies if so: let us know and we’ll add them to the list.
Oh, and if videos are a bit too revealing for your tastes, there’s also a nice cache of screenshots over at Watch Survival.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Minecraft snapshot! 13w16a Horses!

Minecraft has been keeping busy with all kinds of new things. I've not made a Minecraft post in a while so I thought I would include this one.  It is pretty awesome.  We get horses! Also Carpets and hay bales and a few other cool things.  All togather I'd say the new update is going to be really fun once it goes official.  Snapshot below. New launcher as well. 


--copy and paste--

Posted Image

Suddenly, out of nowhere...SNAPSHOT TIME!  What lies in store for today's amazing snapshot release?  Let's take a look!


  • Added horses, based on the work of John Olarte (DrZhark), of Mo’ Creatures fame
  • Added hay bales
  • Added leashes
  • Added carpets
  • The “Respiration” enchantment now also helps seeing underwater


Dinnerbone and Grum have been hard at work creating a NEW Minecraft launcher, with some pretty sweet features!  To get the snapshot, use the new launcher available in the link below. To return to 1.5.1, simply start the old launcher and play as normal.  That's all there is to it!

Want to send feedback on the new launcher?  Be sure to tweet @Dinnerbone, @Grum, or @jeb_ with your suggestions, or make a post right here!


Windows: Click here

Mac/OSX: Click here

Linux/Other: Click here

  • You might get an "unsafe" warning when trying to download the launcher. Disregard this, it is safe!
  • Don't forget to report bugs you encounter at the links above!  The launcher can be updated nearly instantaneously without additional downloads!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Watchsurvival Survival games list updated, again! Darkwood

I found out about this game called Darkwood and how it is influenced by Project Zomboid and I had to check it out and I must say from the trailer I seen and the features they are presenting I am quite impressed. I bet it is going to be a great game!  I added it to the Survival games list and Checkout this trailer below.

Homepage:  http://www.darkwoodgame.com/



Watchsurvival Survival Games List Updated!

I've updated Watchsurvival's Game list page to include the following games. Also In the coming weeks I am going to be adding Certain labels to the watchsurvival games list to include things like (playable, not yet playable, ect) so everyone will be able to sort the ones that are currently playable now instead of having to find out by going to the game page first.  That will be coming soon. Thanks everyone for your support. Stay Alive!

In Dvelopment

Homepage: http://www.darkoutgame.com/
Forums: http://www.darkoutgame.net/index.php

Edge of Space
Homepage: http://www.playedgeofspace.com/index.html
Forums:  http://www.playedgeofspace.com/forums.html

Homepage: http://www.starforge.com/
Forums: http://www.forgeforums.com/


Homepage: http://www.salemthegame.com/
Forums: http://forum.salemthegame.com/index.php

Haven & Hearth
Homepage: http://www.havenandhearth.com/portal/
Forums: http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/


Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
Homepage: http://www.cataclysmdda.com/
Forums: http://www.cataclysmdda.com/smf/

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Dead Linger Development Roadmap

Sandswept Studios has released a cool new feature for their game The Dead Linger on their website called the Development Roadmap.  It let's you see exactly what they are progressing on and how the work is coming along and how close to beta/release the game really is.  It's a really awesome feature that some other games could definitely take note of.  Great Job guys. 


Watchsurvival Present's Project Zomboid Running through hordes.

Hey everyone! I posted a quick video to display what it is like trying to run through hordes in the latest test release version of Project Zomboid.  I did this because in previous builds you could run right through them and not get a scratch on you.  As you can see in this video the difficulty in the newest to be released version is being ramped up a lot and things are a lot more risky now.  Enjoy the vid. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Zomboid Internal Test Build Screenshots Part 2

Hello and well met survival fans!  I've taken some time to put up some more screenshots from the internal test build of Project Zomboid.  Enjoy! 
<Note to Everyone: Please keep in mind the following screenshots are from an Internal Test Build for testing purposes only and changes may be made before the official release of the update. Bugs may be spotted.>




4 http://i.imgur.com/wjyCcjH.jpg 

5 http://i.imgur.com/NsbhT6b.jpg 

6 http://i.imgur.com/LHcJn1n.jpg 

7 http://i.imgur.com/7h703ZP.jpg 

8 http://i.imgur.com/r3tKt6p.jpg 

9 http://i.imgur.com/7V332Uv.jpg 

10 http://i.imgur.com/D5LadZA.jpg 

11 http://i.imgur.com/BH4mrGe.jpg 

12 http://i.imgur.com/mdZ1suy.jpg

13 http://i.imgur.com/zKwATci.jpg

14 http://i.imgur.com/5AFBweZ.png

Monday, April 15, 2013

Project Zomboid Internal Test Build Screenshots from Watchsurvival.

Hello and well met survival fans. The Indiestone developers have taken the gloves off and gave permission for internal testers to share screenshots and videos from the internal test build.  I thought everyone may enjoy these screenshots in HD. Exclusively from watchsurvival.blogspot.com Enjoy!

<Note to Everyone: Please keep in mind the following screenshots are from an Internal Test Build for testing purposes only and changes may be made before the official release of the update. Bugs may be spotted.>

Link to part 2 of screenshots: 

Friday, April 12, 2013

State of Decay Release Date announced and New Trailer.

State of Decay finally gives everyone a release date.  The date is set for June. I can't wait it is going to be awesome.  They also released a new trailer to make sure we stay excited.  Check it out below.